The BMS range is a completely new range of booster modules mainly used for reverse osmosis and (ultra-) filtration applications that improve efficiency compared to earlier ranges. It features a directly coupled pump powered by a permanent magnet motor and VFD.

The BMS range comes in 3 different combinations:
BMS hs: High pressure booster system
BMST: High pressure booster system with energy recovery via turbine
BMSX: High pressure booster system with energy recovery via pressure exchanger


Technical data

  • All critical components are super duplex stainless steel suitable for use in seawater and brackish water applications.
  • The shaft seal is made from carbon/silicon carbide, especially designed for high pressure.
  • The thrust bearing material is ceramic and carbon.
  • Pump bearings and seal rings are made of NBR rubber.
  • Built-in thrust bearing absorbing the axial thrust from the pump.


  • Reverse Osmosis systems.
  • Ultra filtration system.
  • Filtration systems.
  • Pressure boosting systems and water supply.

Features and benefit

  • Energy savings due to high efficiency
  • Easy maintenance and alignment due to improved design
  • Easy integration in any water treatment system
  • Extreme durability and reliability
  • Very small footprint
  • Designed for high flows and pressure
  • All critical components in contact with water are made of super duplex stainless steel
  • Speed ramp up and down are included
  • VFD pre-set at duty point